What are Pollinators?

Pollinators are organisms that help in the process of pollination, which is the transfer of pollen from the male reproductive organ (anther) of a flower to the female reproductive organ (stigma) of the same or another flower, leading to fertilization and the production of seeds. Pollinators include a wide range of animals such as bees, […]

Top 60 Agriculture Companies In India

Have you ever found it confusing while applying for jobs under agriculture domain? What companies to apply and under what specialization? Well you don’t have to stress out, as in this article you’ll find out the top 60 agriculture companies in India working in various fields with unique specialization and domain. Top 10 Seed Companies […]

Jobs After BSc Agriculture

Jobs After BSc Agriculture

B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture is a four-year professional degree program after which one can find various job opportunities in the private as well as government sectors. In this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of the existing jobs after BSc Agriculture. Agriculture in India is a booming industry. The Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18 percent […]

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera) Monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant with huge, lustrous, dark green leaves. It is also known as “Swiss cheese plant” due to its property of developing holes in it’s gorgeous leaves, known as fenestrations. It gives a striking appearance to any room as an indoor plant. Originally from the tropics of […]

Grow Bags

What are Grow Bags ? Gardening in grow bags is an alternative as well as an easy solution for newbie green thumbs who don’t have enough garden space or who rent their home. Moreover, they are also good for starting seeds indoors when the weather is harsh, later on they can be transplanted outside. Grow […]

Holy Basil

What is Holy Basil ? Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as holy basil or tulsi, is an aromatic, medicinal perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. The plant is native to the Indian subcontinent however it is widely seen throughout the Southeast Asia. Holy Basil is a shrub that grows upto a height of 1 metre (3.3 […]

Grow Microgreens Without Soil

Microgreens without Soil These nutrient loaded tiny greens are a popular super-food in today’s world, enriched with various vitamins, minerals as well as essential elements. Growing them is not a rocket science. They are widely used in the preparation of soups, salads, sandwiches and additionally in garnishing. Moreover, you can easily grow them at home […]



What is Vermicomposting ? Vermicomposting is a type of compost making with the help of earthworms. It has become a popular alternative or addition to composting and has several benefits for home gardeners and organic farmers. The earthworms actually eat vegetable and fruit scraps and releases worm castings as a result it acts as a […]

Spoon Tomato

Spoon Tomato

Spoon Tomato Solanum pimpinellifolium also known as Red Currant or Spoon tomato is an heirloom variety, which is native to Ecuador and Peru. Gardeners and homesteaders are cultivating it world wide as it bears tiny berry like fruits. These tomatoes are even smaller than the cherry tomatoes. They are delightful edible ornamental, tiny, fire red fruit […]